Dogwood Diner

Thanks from the staff at Dogwood Diner for making us your

Palestine's Best Breakfast and Best Coffee for 2011!

The staff works hard to bring great service to you and your family everyday. 

diner staff


Listed from left to right, back row, Leroy, Amy, Sam, Rebecca and Teara.  

On the  front row, Stacy, Alex and Beth. 





Best in Town 2011 Best Breakfast 2011


  This year the Palestine Hearald Press listed the Best in Town categories in June.  Thanks for voting for us in both categories.  The staff was glad to be recognized for the good food and hospitality that comes with the atmosphere at the diner.  Come by and see for yourself. 







Sam is the proud owner of Sam's Dogwood Diner.


Come join him for a cup of coffee. 


Open Daily from 6:30am-2pm.  

Located at 402 E. Palestine Avenue on the

Corner of Highway 155 and Highway 79

Call for Take-Out Orders at



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